Parma Street Food’s range of services all have one thing in common!

Traditional Italian handcrafted cuisine prepared with passion and love and you can too!

Whether you are seeking the finest Italian cuisine for an event, you need ready made traditional Italian food ready to heat and eat in your home or you have a passion to craft handmade pasta and sauces yourself, Parma Street Food has a solution available.

Event Catering

Everything we serve, from our street food to our wedding catering and online meal solutions is cooked from scratch!

Heat and Eat

Handcrafted Traditional Italian prepared fresh and refridgerated or snap frozen ready for you to simply heat and eat, boil, heat and eat. 

Picup and delivery options available.

Lessons - Parma Street Food - Sunny Coast


Learn to cook traditional Italian pizzas, pasta, pasta sauces, desserts and more right in the comfort of your own home, we even offer education provider training!

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